Ok, this section will integrate, intimate and pixelate everything's related with this comic.

Also includes a sort of diary with how i came up with 1X, what is it's purpose and other things.


In 2009 i began to attend university. I was just at the beginning, i knew a lot of things during lessons,
especially at the informatics ones, i always loved technology and programming. So i was terribly bored.

I started to draw. Ugly... "things" started covering my desk, a lot of years passed since i stopped drawing actually,
like, dunno, at least 10 years. I was a kid. But drawing was the only thing i could do there, bored, without my PSP or
decent games on android. Oh well, i think it was destiny.

At first, i draw i prototype of something, a... dog. In Housepets style, because i hadn't a true style to use, y'know,
i've always drawn only to entertain myself, i'm not an expert, never was and never will be. His name was X, because of his
tag... and i've started to think about a story, a simple one, just to work on something and avoid to follow the lesson.

Spike's first concept! Yeah, one of the many

Lol. He's strange to see this now, feels nostalgic. He had a lot of me, in personality, but also appearence, for
example for the smoking habit.

Oh right, the story. Well... at first, X was a human turned into a dog with no specific power, that went to live with his
best friend (who didn't know his identity), solving normal issues of ordinary life. No fights, no vengeance. Simple life.
But then, my brother showed me this.

Primo's first sketches. This time for real, they're the first ones

Nostalgic feelings part 2. He created a little akita inu named Primo, a talented actor with a strong personality.

And then, i decided to put him into the story. But something was wrong: the story was... boring. I was bored, actually.
So i decided to insert something more "active" into the story, action. X gained power, and an objective: vengeance to
who did this to him. Also, i chose a random name for him, Spike, and i noticed later that the name fits him for his
spiky hairs.

That was a great feeling, i FINALLY find something entertaining to work on... side characters, side stories, plot twists,
weird powers and fights, that kind of things. In no time, a complete story was ready. Actually, the 90%, corrections are
obvious, i've even corrected and added things during chapters. You may not know that, but the real Chapter 7 was truly
different from the real one. Almost completely.

Then, we decided to jump into the webcomic world in 2010. The story was completed, everything was ready, the only thing we
needed was training to improve our style. Right now we made a good jump, especially my brother who got skills, he's learning
at the art school after all. His knowledge are really useful.

Truth be told, this is only a training comic. That's right, it's nothing really serious. Why we choose 1X to start? It's
simple: the story was completed (for fun, but completed) and the general setting was already placed and tested. Nothing
more, really.

Actally, i can't wait for this comic to be completed. I'm having fun doing it, but i have a lot of ideas in mind, original
stories. 999: Only One To The End, The Troublemaker, Nightmare Winks... one day, i dream to become a complete writer and
artist, as my brother dream to become a mangaka. We have to work hard, no one said it's going to be easy, but we'll give


Random art from various teasers and stuff

As the title says, various stuff we made in those long months.


After that, some splendid fan arts i receaved some time ago. Thanks to everyone who will send something like this! We would appreciate it really really much!

Spike and Primo by ManawolfSwag Primo by ManawolfPrimo by KhazmereSpike by Chaokocartoons