Surfin' Rampage #6

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Surfin' Rampage #6
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Stu & Jojo
Spitting and wiping their eyes, Spike and Soad emerged from the water shortly after.
“Gosh, I failed” Spike was quite disappointed “Primo… he can’t do this alone!”
“Relax” Soad was emptying his ears from water “he’ll be fine”
“But he… I mean… he’s not—“
“I said relax, it’s only a game. If you lose you can stay in this beach if you want”
“W-what? But you said—“
“I know what I said. I only wanted a true challenge, that’s all”
“And you said those things only to have a challenge!? COME ON!” Spike’s patience was coming to an end.
“Sorry, I know, maybe we have gone too far with this… we wanted to see your best shot. Don’t say you didn’t have fun”
“Maybe a little… just a little, we were fighting for our vacations after all, nothing else”
“Yeah, but you had fun or not?”
“…yeah” Spike smiled “yeah, that was really entertaining”
“Eh, I knew it!”
“I don’t get it… why you two bullied us then?”
“Actually we just wanted to bully you at first, but then you have shown your talent… and the rule ‘no surf no party’ is true”
“So it was just a case”
“Exactly. Sorry for this joke, but we couldn’t resist, you’re very good, both of you, we could even become friends”
“Eh, sorry, I hate jocks like you”
The lynx and the dog looked at each other before starting to laugh. They were not so different after all.

“Darn” Primo began to falter, without Spike his winning chances were quite low. And Broadway was more experienced and crafty.
“What’s the matter kid? You can’t surf alone?” Broadway’s voice was really annoying. Especially when he was taunting someone.
“I… I can beat you even without using my legs!”
“I hope so, ‘cause I’m not so good as my brother”
“What do you mean by that?”
“He wanted to challenge you only for fun. You two know how to surf, and this is enough for this beach rules… but I’m not ok with it! He’s always the one making the rules like a ‘good king’, but now I’m sick of this situation. Revolution starts NOW”
“Wait wait wait you mean this challenge is USELESS!? Last night I slept an hour or so for NOTHING!?”
“It WAS useless. Yeah, it was only 4fun, but it’s over, he fell into water, so he’s banned from this beach, he’s the king no more. Your friend too, he’s out. And now is your turn!”
Primo looked at Broadway’s eyes… what he saw was frustration. Rage. Envy. And sadness.
The akita lowered his ears, staring at the ocean. That challenge took an unpleasant turn, a turn that Primo didn’t like at all.
Suddenly, Broadway gulped, surprised of what he saw.
Primo, in his own volition, jumped from his surfboard into water. He had lost.

Broadway was the new ruler of the beach. The decision to share the title with Soad as his brother made some time before was up to him now.

Spike and Soad reached the shore swimming. Once there, what they found was a great number of spectators, cheering them for the great show they has performed. At least the general public was not disappointed, a good start.
Soaked as the water itself, they went in direction of the towels, joking like old friends. But… in front of them they found Primo and Broadway. They were silent, waiting for their teammates.
“Yo!” Soad and Spike said in chorus “how’s the challenge so far?”
“…” The other two didn’t answer.
“I bet you have both resisted uh? Then it’s time for the second round, face to face!” Soad was really excited.
“There will be no second round” Broadway intervened “I won”
Spike gulped “It’s true Primo? Darn! This sucks”
“Yeah, it’s true” Primo started to walk away “C’mon Spike, there’s nothing for us in this beach. Let’s go and choose for another beach to stay”
“What? Why?”
“Broadway is the new ruler of this beach. He said we are out”
“Don’t worry Primo, it was only a joke! I talked to Soad and—“
“Oh right, Soad is banned too”
“WHAT!?” the red lynx leaped “Brother! Tell me it’s not true!”
“…Bro I… I didn’t mean to…”
“Don’t call me ‘bro’ anymore, I’m outta here. All hail the new king Broadway! Enjoy your status, you’re alone now”
He was right. He finally got what he wanted, the beach was under his control. But he lost his brother. His family. He had nothing.
“Please wait!” yelled Broadway kneeling in front of Soad and the two dogs “I can see it now! This is what I always dreamed, but it’s not what I always NEEDED! Please, don’t leave me alone…”
Soad sighed, walking towards his brother. He put his paws on his shoulders, looking right into his eyes. “You finally understood. This is not about ruling the beach. We gotta stay together, like brothers, with our friends”
“Yeah” Broadway smiled “you’re right. You’re always right big bro. I was foolish and childish”
The two dogs behind them smiled. Yeah, they were not so different, after all.

---- ---- ----

“Guys! Come on, we’re already late for our flight!” yelled Mr Roberts.
“Comin’!” Spike and Primo said together. It was time for them to go back to Babylon after this long and lively vacation.
“So you’re leaving already?” Soad and Broadway seemed kinda sad.
“Unfortunately, our vacation’s over” the black german shepherd was pulling the umbrella out from the sand “time to come back to routine”
“I hope you’ll come back soon” said Broadway, that was helping Primo on taking the bags “Like, dunno, next year”
“Let’s say we have… ‘programs’ for the years to come” said Primo smiling.
“Of course we have telephones. You have a phone right?” Spike was doubtful even while taking it for granted.
“Uh yes, c’mon bro, take a pen and write our number somewhere”
“I’m on it” Broadway was searching for a piece of paper… actually, he was looking for a pen too.
“And if you want, you can come to Babylon Gardens, too! We’re at 23rd, close to that famous restaurant where customers usually commit suicide after lunch"
“Oh, we heard about it!” Soad went to the two dogs “then… see ya, city dandies”
Spike and Primo smiled “See ya!”

“Ready for airplane Spike?” Primo showed an evident troll face.
“Tsk, I have got pills” said Spike “try again, you’ll have better luck”
“A strong hero like you, afraid of flying” chuckled Primo.
“I’m not a hero. Never was. Never will be”
“Yeah yeah, a Metal Gear Solid 4 reference. How cliché”
“Heh. Come on, we gotta go now”

Primo and Spike’s vacation was finally over. Spike was not a hero, true. And Primo’s life was about to change forever because of him… if we can call this ‘life’ change.

But this is another, cold story.