Surfin' Rampage #5

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Surfin' Rampage #5
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Stu & Jojo
The audience was starting to warm up, the two challengers were getting close with a cool Baywatch slow-mo and a metalish theme song out from nowhere (actually, from Primo’s headphones at max volume). That seemed kinda weird to everyone, but no one cared more than the necessary.
“Heeeeeeeeereee we aaaaaare!“ yelled Primo and Spike, assuming a strange pose to tease the two lynx.
“Very funny” Broadway smiled “I hope you won’t go down to the first wave now that you’re having a good time with jokes”
“We were just kidding folk” said Spike “what, u mad?”
Soad laughed “Come on Broadway, accept the joke and don’t get mad for so little!”
“Yeah, right” said Broadway “we wasted enough time. Let’s start with da rules”
“Ok” Primo pricked up his ears “we’re ready”
“First rule: no rule” Soad took his surfboard “ready?”
“Wait wait wait!” Spike panicked “you mean… nothing? At all? No rules?”
“Ya hear me, no rules fella”
“You mean we can do what we want… and YOU can do as you wish too!?”
“Sort of”
Spike looked concerned, that was unexpected. He thought the challenge actually HAD rules… something to place limits on them and give to the two dogs a minimal chance of victory. No rules means no limits, victory decided by crude ability. In other words, they were totally screwed.
“Primo, this is bad”
“I know” the akita’s face looked all serious “they’re limitless, they can even play dirty”
“Yeah… we also can, but they are surely more used to this sport than us”
“We don’t know what they have in mind, so we—“
“Oh, one last thing before we start” Soad went close to the two dogs, placing his paws on their shoulders “we’re not going to use tricks or dirty stuff. We’ll leave that to you”
“W-what?” said Spike and Primo in unison.
“Eh eh eh… yeah, you heard right. You may think we choose the no rules mode because we want to trick you, but it’s not like that. We wanna give you a chance, nothing more. This is a strength challenge: the last one standing on his board wins”
“You’re saying we have no choice but to cheat!?”
“…go **** yourself” said Spike apparently calm. But inside he was burning with rage, ‘who the heck they think they are?’ he thought.
“As you wish. Now, ready to go?”
“Of course we are”
“On the line then. The sexy girl right there will give us the start”
“Sexy girl?” said Primo “this looks like Fast and Furious. With more tanned chicks and less night illegal stuff”

The four contenders were all on the starting line. Now the only thing to wait was the start from the girl.
“Are you ready?” she said “this challenge will decide the new king of the beach! God this is SO hot!”

Spike was looking at Soad angrily.
Primo was searching for the right position to start.
Soad grinned at Spike, sure of his words’ effectiveness on him.
Broadway was enjoying the strange positions assumed by Primo.

The girl lowered her hand with the speed of a guillotine.


The four surfers began to run towards the sea when they heard the word “G”. Their reflexes were as taut as violin strings, ready to react to every external event.
Soad and Broadway… they were experts and brothers, and it was quite evident. They dived into the sea like two sides of the same mirror. On the contrary, Primo and Spike were uncoordinated and clumsy. They could consider a victory the fact that only a few were laughing at them from the shore instead of the entire beach.
It took them more than the lynx, but at last the two dogs reached the open sea, where Soad and Broad were waiting for them.
“Tired already?” The two lynx said together with a smile.
The two dogs could not admit it, but they were tired for real. The night training was devastating, they slept only a few hours and that morning the wind was blowing more vigorously towards the coast, increasing the magnitude of the waves.
“It’s useless Primo” gasped Spike, lying on the surfboard “we’ll never win against them. This is all wrong”
“I agree” Primo was no less than Spike as tiredness “we had to study a better strategy than this”
“I hate to admit it, but we have no choice but to cheat”
“But how?”
“They said no rules, and this is a strength challenge. We have to make them fall into water to gain our victory”
“Like Italian Spiderman versus Captain Maximum?”
“Sorta... Italian what?”
“Italian Spiderman! It’s famous on the web!”
“Oh. So what?”
“He calls some penguins to make Captain Maximum fall into water during a surfing competition! Isn’t that genial?”
“Yeah well, we have no penguins. The only one I knew is dead, and he was the kind of penguin who solved problems with guns”
“What are talking about?”
“Never mind. And what the hell! We don’t have penguins! Let’s think for something else!”
“IT’S COMING!” Soad and Broadway prepared themselves to face the sea fury.
The wave was getting close. And it was BIG. They were far from the shore and that wave was already closing violently.
“Sh—“ Spike closed his mouth, too scared to complete that word “Primo! Watch out!”
The akita had already begun to ride the wave and he was already starting to stand up on the board. Spike couldn’t believe to his eyes, was that Primo’s fear? Or the previous night training? Or both combined to create a good surfer? At the time, it was the last of the problems.
Spike lowered his sunglasses to hide his silver eyes. 50% unlock, same conditions as the day before. The black german shepherd rode the wave lying on the table, reaching his friend in a second.
“How did you do that?” said Spike “I’m rather surprised”
“You know” Primo’s eyes were closing “when this thing will be over, I think I’ll sleep for a week”
Spike laughed “I knew it, you trained all night didn’t you?”
“Yeah… I’m exhausted, but now I can ride almost the same as you all”
“Eh. This changes everything” Spike smiled defiantly “NOW we can cheat properly”

The four contenders were in the middle on the wave, trying to stand on the table without falling into water. The two lynx had no problem at all, the two dogs had some problems, but at last they did it.
“Yo brother!” said Broadway “Did you see? They’re not so bad!”
“I told ya” Soad was looking at Primo and Spike “they have talent, but only with the cheating rule they have a chance”
“So we can’t use that rule for us?”
“Absolutely not”
“You’re good enough not to use tricks”
Broadway looked at Soad with frustration. Then he turned his head to watch for the two dogs… but they weren’t there anymore.

Primo and Spike disappeared. Perhaps they fell into the sea.

“SOAD!” yelled Broadway “I LOST THEM!”
“Uh?” Soad was looking in all directions, searching for them. “They disappeared? They failed? So I was wrong on them?”
Broadway slowly looked up… and saw a strange figure over his brother.
The lynx raise his head to look up… Spike was right on him ready to throw him off board.
“ONE CHANCE!” Spike jumped from his surfboard which was immediately devoured by the sea. There was nothing Soad could do, the german shepherd was already on his surfboard, grabbing the lynx’s upper paws.
“LET ME GO!” yelled Soad.
“Hey! You’re the one who said no rules! Now, give me your surfboard and go meet the fishes!”
“I’ll never…!”
The situation was already critical: Spike and Soad were on the same surfboard, trying to throw each other into water. On the other side, Primo was getting close to Broadway to do the same, while the lynx was too busy watching his brother. It’s all or nothing. That was Spike and Primo’s strategy, no defense, just an unexpected and strong attack using the surprise effect.
“HEY!” Broadway suddenly turned on Primo “you think I’m an idiot? I know you’re trying to do the same thing!”
“Tsk” Primo’s plan failed even before he could claim it started. He could only pray for Spike’s success now.
“Lemme go!” Soad was yelling from his side of the board, trying to get free from the black dog’s grip “how you can possibly be so strong!?”
“Balanced diet, you should try that kitty!” Spike was trying to bend on his left to make the lynx fall, but Soad experience was undeniable: even with a guest on his board gripping his paws, his balance was perfect. From the other side, Spike’s inexperience was evident, so the fight was fair after all… no one could say who would have fallen first. The truth usually lies in the middle. And that was the case.
Spike tried a desperate sudden move on the right. It worked, Soad lost his perfect balance. But also Spike’s feet were no longer touching the surfboard. They both fell in the water, leaving the lead of the challenge to the two remaining contenders… Primo and Broadway.

Two challengers were out. The competition was not over yet, Primo knew he had to win at all costs. He couldn’t fail.