Surfin' Rampage #4

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Surfin' Rampage #4
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Stu & Jojo
“HOP HOP HOP! Don’t lose the rhythm! JUMP JUMP JUMP!”

That night, the few visitors of the beach could see a weird show: two dogs, a black german shepherd and an orange akita inu, running and jumping without any sense of rhythm using stupid jingles that recalled the ones of the army, but based on waves, surfing victory and death by drowning. The black one seemed tireless, but the orange one was exhausted, and he was falling repeatedly on the sand.
“PRIMO!” Spike was acting like sergeant Hartman “GOD! Even mom can do something better than this! And this is just the beginning! You want to beat those lynx by hyperventilating down there? ON YOUR FEET!”
“Just SHUT UP, you moron” Primo stood up on his feet again “I need to learn how to surf and train in one night, and you make me waste our time with THIS!? Running in circles and singing stupid jingles!?”
“We can’t risk a muscle strain, surfing is no easy deal”
“We warmed up for an hour! It’s half past 10 now! We need to sleep too! So, we got to HURRY!”
“Uh, maybe I’ve gone too far with this… ok, let’s learn how to surf! My own way”
“Your own way. I need to worry?”
“No, just learn as I did”
“I’ll be here watching, you go into the sea and learn by yourself using your TV memories”
“Oh. ……….WHAT?”
“You heard me. I have nothing to teach you as my knowledge are the same as yours”
“And you send me to die then? Great plan!”
“Oh please, I’ll save you if I see you’re in danger. I’ll be here ready to jump into water”
“……ok then; I’m going” Primo took a deep breath, and then he went into the water, ready to ride his first wave as a surfer.

Not too far from there, on a high cliff, Broadway and Soad were observing the two dogs on the beach.
“I’ve got some salmon, Soad” said Broadway “You want it raw or cooked?”
“You know I like it cooked” Soad began to light a little fire “Tell me brother… what do you see there?”
“A pathetic orange dog who don’t even know how to use his board?”
“Two friends Broad. Two… brothers. Like us”
“They’re not brothers like us, they act more like friends”
“If you say so…”
“We will use the same module as always for tomorrow?”
“Yes, I want our chances to be the same. Especially if they are not at our level”
“That Spike seems to be dangerous though” Broadway was staring at the two dogs from a distance “We better watch out for him, he’s… weird”
“I agree, but as you see his friend is not so good. He’s repeatedly falling into water. He’s a total disaster, and the great bond between the two is his weak point. We don’t need anything else”
“So the module n#2 is for them uh?” Broadway smiled “How sweet”
“Of course is for them. We need to balance so they can have a chance. Now let’s eat and sleep, tomorrow will be a busy day”

Spike was yelling from the seashore, trying to help his friend on the surfboard.
“Primo, when you stand up on the table don’t lose your concentration! You don’t have to be scared, ok? It’s like skating!”
“I’ve never used a skate in my entire life Spike!” said Primo.
“Oh. That’s a problem”
“C’mon, what should I do now!? I’m tired, I wanna sleep, but I also want to ride this thing by tomorrow!”
“I told you! Relax and don’t be scared! Fear is your worst enemy!”
“Ok… I’ll try!”
Primo stood up slowly, trying to fight the fear of losing balance. The next wave was getting close, he had to hurry.
“I did it Spike! I-I’m on it!”
“Good!” Spike was exulting from the shore “now stay calm and don’t lose balance! You have to ride that wave! You can do it! Remember: use your weight and if you can’t keep balance help yourself with a hand on the table!”
“Roger!” Primo shyly started to ride the wave. It was a small one, good for a beginner and not dangerous.
“You’re doing great! Now you only have to get used to it!”
“Hey! It’s fun! It’s really fun! I’m riding a wave Spike! YAY!”
“Stay focused or you’ll fall!”
Filled with excitement, Primo fell in the first half of the wave. Spike sighed closing his eyes, watching for his friend transported to the shore by the sea flow.
“This time you were close” said the black dog sitting on the sand, as the flow was carrying the akita close to him “you have to keep concentrating”
“Eh” Primo was smiling “ Eh eh eh… ah ah ah ah ah AH AHA HAHA AHAH AH!”
“I can do this Spike, you were right: It’s not impossible. Even without powers, I can do this!”
Spike smiled “I know, not so hard isn’t it?”
“Yeah. I’ve not done yet, this is only the beginning, and I’m going to be perfect by tomorrow!”
“I doubt you’ll be perfect, but we need to beat’em… this is bigger than us”
“We can do it, we’re gonna win even if this means to go for dirty tricks”
“You mean we should cheat?” Spike was staring at Primo, interested in his words.
“Why not? I mean, they don’t seem to be plaster saints too, an eye for an eye”
“The duel’s not even started yet and you already think on cheating? And let’s see,you had something in mind?”
“Well we… we, uh… I don’t know, we should…”
“The truth is, we know nothing of this sport, so we don’t know how to cheat too”
“Uh, maybe you’re right. So what?”
“We will train till 3.00, and then we go to sleep. Easy deal”
“Well then. Let’s continue to train for the two remaining hours!”
As the two hours passed, the two dogs returned to the Hotel the same way they went out… climbing the windows to their room, being sure mom and dad didn’t notice.

The next morning, the beach was full of people. Soad and Broadway made sure that everyone in the area was aware of the challenge.
Some of them took the amplifiers connected to the microphones, so to comment the show as some kind of TV show. Of course there was no local TV, but many people had a smartphone ready to record the challenge and post it on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, everywhere. That actually sounded like a great event after all.
“Where are they?” said Broadway “it’s almost time”
“Don’t worry, they’ll come”
“Are you sure?”
“Darn sure.”

Distantly, two dogs were approaching. A black german shepherd with sunglasses and an akita with some big and cool headphones around his neck. They both had a surfboard in tune with their attitude.
Soad grinned. “Here they are. Now we’re ready to start!”