Surfin' Rampage #3

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Surfin' Rampage #3
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Stu & Jojo
Soad and Broadway were both looking at Spike that was running to the sea. Primo was looking too, worried about his friend, hoping that he knew what he was doing.
“Your friend is insane, dude” said Broadway with a creepy smile “it’s obvious he don’t even know how to use the surfboard”
“Oh yeah? We’ll see” Primo was trying to seem optimistic. Probably the lynx was right though.
“Yeah, I’m not kidding, your friend is going to take that wave right to his face”
“It’s too late,” added Soad “he can’t take that wave, he’s better wait for the next one. But I doubt he’ll do such”
He’s right, thought Primo. That wave was way too close to the beach and it was already starting to close. It was too late, but Spike did not stop, he was still running.
“SPIKE! DON’T!” yelled Primo, but Spike was ignoring him.

The black dog jumped forward with energy, as the wave was closing on him. Soad and Broadway looked at him with an astonished face, like how did he jump like that?
The wave split into two vertically. The two lynx and Primo couldn’t believe to their eyes. He couldn’t avoid the wave, so he used the board combined to the horizontal jump to create a hole. The question was how he managed to jump with such a power to break the wave. Soad and Broadway couldn’t respond. Primo knew the answer.

Spike sat on the board, looking for the next wave.
“Phew, it worked” he said to himself “I wasn’t sure of it… I must be more careful from now on”.
The second wave was coming. Spike swallowed, that was quite bigger than the previous one even from the distance.
“Ok, now—“Spike was still sitting on the surfboard. What should he do now? He swallowed twice: he didn’t know how to keep going with it. But the wave was not waiting for him.
“Ok ok stay calm, you surely have to… c’mon, I gotta remember, I saw that on TV dammit!”
Spike reminded that surfers usually start lying down on the surfboard, swimming towards the wave. “It’s worth a shot, I’m no more than a target here”, Spike’s eyes turned silver again.
The next wave was getting closer and closer… finally Spike was on it, ready to show his valor. “Ok, according to the TV movies about surfin’ guys… now I have to stand up on the board”, suddenly a splash of water hit his eyes even if he had sunglasses on them.
“Ack!” yelled Spike, that was also starting to lose balance “I must use my powers here, I’m not a surfer! 50% UNLOCK!”
The black dog immediately resumed his balance. By unlocking his mental limits, he decided to increase reflexes, balance and muscle mass. “This should be enough… at least I hope so, I can’t unlock too much limits at the same time”.

The time has come, the wave was starting to close on the right. Spike took the surfboard and turned violently on the left, using his powered arm to ignore the water resistance. With its enhanced balance, Spike resumed his position on the board… in the end, his reflexes were directed to identify any deformation in the wave that could possibly make him fall. Everything was perfect, the wave was running really fast, but Spike was able to go faster, producing some (controlled) special move to impress his audience. He knew that his performance had to be impressive to gain the lynx respect, so he had to do it even if he didn’t want to increase the risk of falling into the dangerous wave… that was growing bigger every second.
“This can’t be happening” said Spike looking at the enormous thing that was chasing him. “I got no choice but to run for the shore!”
The wave was finally closing at the end of its life cycle. Spike placed his lower left leg at the lower end of the table and the other leg in the middle, taking advantage from the acceleration to reach the shore. At high speed, Spike reached the two lynx’s feet almost like a skater more than a surfer. Primo, Soad and Broadway couldn’t say anything, the show they just saw was almost unreal.

Primo forced himself not to be astonished, “You see? City dandies my butt” said the orange akita.
Spike took off his glasses as his eyes were turning to normal “Now, tell me… can we stay or not?”
Soad and Broadway looked at each other. They smiled, filled with excitement.
“Not too shabby” said Broadway “maybe we underestimated you… just a little”
“But” intervened Soad “perhaps you’ve gone too far… just a little”
“What?” Spike was confused, he has gone too far? What did he mean?
“You proved your valor dude, but you have also reached our level” said Soad, walking with folded arms “now you are listed for this beach conquest”
“B-beach conquest?” Said Primo, the thing was getting weirder every second.
“Ya, beach conquest” Broadway closed his eyes “y’know, this is our beach. We own this place as the surf champions. And you are discussing this last point with your performance”.
“We’re not discussing ANYTHING” said Spike concerned about the consequences “YOU said that we were out of place here, so WE proved you were wrong, nothing more”
“Yes, but we saw your abilities and we’re worried about our social status… so we need to challenge you, tomorrow, here on this beach”
“Challenge… me?”
“No, Challenge YOU. We’re two, so we’re challenging you BOTH”
“W-WHAT!?” Primo swallowed, Spike had powers from his side… but the akita was completely unarmed.
Soad Smiled. “Tomorrow, 10 o’clock, right here. Now if you’ll excuse us, we’ll have to warn everyone about this challenge, we’ll have a good audience, you’ll see”
“Oh, one more thing” added Broadway “don’t be late, we can’t be sure you’ll show up. A single minute delay will be interpreted as a defeat for abandonment”
“B-but—“ the two dogs didn’t know what to say. They both knew they had no chance against two TRUE surfers.
“See ya tomorrow!” they said in unison, moving away from the beach.

“Primo” said Spike looking at the akita “Lollipop Chainsaw sounded more intriguing than a surfing challenge against the kings of this beach”
“And if we lose, we’re out” Primo was down in the dumps “I’m sorry, this is all my fault”
“Your fault? I’m the one who tried to be highly cool on that table. I guess we have to change beach, let’s go tell mom and dad we’re movin--”
“NO” Primo’s eyes were on fire “don’t tell’em. Let us accept this challenge instead”
“You’re out of your mind? You know nothing about surfing”
“But I can learn… we have the night, the wind is strong and the waves are big enough. We can do this!”
“I don’t know Primo… weren’t you the one who wanted to leave in the first place?”
“I changed my mind… thanks to you. I bet you know nothing about surfing, too”
“It’s different, I powered reflexes, muscles and balance, you can’t”
“I know, but thanks to TV and movies we share the same knowledge, so all I have to do is to get used and learn! It’s always a matter of habit” Primo took a step ahead “Let’s train then!”
“Uh, It’s almost dinner time” Spike touched his stomach.
“You’re right. Right after dinner!”
“Sure, if you want to get sick of congestion”
“Two hours after dinner then, at 9 o’clock!”
“Half past 9 is more appropriate”
“And half past nine it is then” Primo began to feel demoralized. But he couldn’t lose the chance. He could finally fight with Spike against someone, or at least this time wasn’t the victim. A long night to train, and a long day to prove his strength.