Surfin' Rampage #2

3rd Aug 2012, 7:57 AM in Surfin' Rampage
Surfin' Rampage #2
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Stu & Jojo
“Oh look!” one of the two lynx started to talk. His voice was everything except for warm or only good to hear. “We have two newcomers here! You see them bro?”
“Of course I see them” unlike his brother, the other lynx had a very warm voice, quite charming. The perfect opposite. “But maybe they don’t know da rule around here. We are good citizens, let us explain what they have to do now”
Spike stood up as soon as he finished spitting out all the sand from his mouth. “What the hell is wrong with you!? Why did you destroyed our (magnificent) castle!?”
“Yeah” said Primo while trying to remove the sand from his ears “Why did you do this!?”
The two lynx smiled arrogantly “to have your attention”
“That’s all?” Spike was starting to lose his poor patience.
“Yeah, that’s all. You’re here because…?”
“We’re here on vacations, duh?”
“Two city dandies like you, on this beach? So you really don’t know the rules!”
Spike went closer to them “we would love to hear those rules. Really, it’ll be hilarious”
“It’s simple, city dumbs like you are off limits here. This is a serious beach for serious people who wanna play for real”
“Sorry, I’m not sure we wanna play with you” Spike mentioned a sarcastic smile “if you know what I mean, masculine guys”
Primo was laughing stealthily “Go Spike! Show them what a city dumb can do only with his mouth!”
“You got a sharp tongue, blacky” the first lynx said “you act well with it… but what about the surf?”
“T-the surf?” Spike’s face changed suddenly to a surprised one “Surf what?”
“Surf, guys! You don’t even know what a surfboard is?”
“We know what a surfboard is, I just don’t get what this has to do with those things we were just talking about”
“HA! You’re joking right? This is Honolulu” the second lynx took a step forward “Honolulu’s beaches are governed by the surfin’ law. And you know how to surf properly, city dandies?”
“Just snap out of it,” said Primo as he went to Spike’s side “we got names. I’m Primo, the great and fascinating actor, and this is Spike, the not-so-cruel but scary avenger who also is my best friend and bodyguard only if it’s not a problem”
“Yeah, good introduction Primo” said Spike pouting “so, are you two going to introduce yourselves?”

The two lynx assumed a strange formation that sounded so uncool but ridiculous. You remember the Ginew Squad from Dragon Ball? Almost the same, but even more ridiculous. It was like watching at the Twister World Tournament, even if I’m not sure it exists.


Spike and Primo looked blankly toward the twins. Their eyes were speaking loudly ‘so what?’. Especially Spike was disgusted: two irritating dudes like them with those important names.
“Awful” the black german shepherd said “simply… awful”
“What do you mean?” the two lynx voices were totally in sync.
“Soad? Broadway? Those names on someone like YOU?”
Primo was staring at Spike “why are you saying this?”
“Soad actually seem a stupid name” said Spike “but with ‘Broadway’ it makes sense. And they’re not worthy to have those names. ‘Soad’ is the acronym for ‘System of a Down’, and ‘Broadway’ is part of the new name of the previous group when Serj Tankian left for his solo career, ‘Scars on Broadway’”
“You mean the alternative metal group? I didn’t think you were an expert in these things”
“SOAD is my favorite group EVER. And I’m disgusted to see such a glorious name on a beach jerk like him!”
“Hey!” Soad quickly went close to Spike, looking him face to face “you got a problem with our names? I admit it, I’m impressed to see that someone like you is a SOAD fan, but I won’t allow you to say we are not worthy of our names!”
“Calm down brother” said Broadway, putting a paw on Soad shoulder “let’s settle this on the battlefield… you two know you can’t stay here if you don’t know how to surf right?”
“We can’t? And you’re the one who take decision here?” Spike was starting to become a little angry.
“Maybe” Broadway took his surfboard lying the ground “so? You know how to do this right?”
“Maybe” Spike showed a relaxed smile.
“Spike” whispered Primo to Spike ear “why don’t we simply go away? We don’t know how to surf”
“Stay here and watch” said the german shepherd “I’ve never surfed before, but I still have a card to play… u know what”
“Are you sure? You’re not forced to do this, we can just change beach”
“Oh, but I have no intention to change, Primo” Spike turned to the twin lynx “Yo! So, what we have to do to stay here?”
“Just prove that you’re as good as us, take this surfboard and—“

Soad hadn't the time to finish the phrase. Spike quickly took the board from his hands, and began to run towards the sea. It was getting late, sun was halved by the horizon, and the sky was red and splendid. The wind blew powerfully, forming waves of a certain size.

Spike lowered his sunglasses, just in time to hide the silvery glow of his transformed eyes.