Spike : Black Tide - Honest Eyes

He was human once, but then he was turned into a black german shepherd dog from two evil scientists. He's primary objective is to found them and have a cruel vengeance, but thanks to his friend Primo he's starting to think that maybe a normal life in his new form could be the best thing to do. But his tormented past is always one step ahead...

Primo : Puddle of Mudd - 'Famous

A talented actor and a funny cute akita inu, he decided to take Spike with him and his family. He's the only one who knows the entire truth behind the black german shepherd, included his human nature. His objective, other than becoming the greatest actor dog in the whole world, is to save Spike from himself.

Eyesight : Lostprophets - 4AM Forever

A penguin who choose to become a mercenary, and Maxwell's adoptive father. He's part of a secret background organization called Red Rose. Despite of his work and coldness, he have a big heart, and loves his son. He had a terrible past, maybe even more than Spike's, but there is only one way to know about him completely...

Matt : Bach - Symphony In G Minor

Primo's mentor and old friend, Matt was like a brother to the young akita inu, with a superior IQ of an almost 190. He died for a gunshot when two kidnappers tryed to take Primo and Matt attacked to save him. His body disappeared from his grave some years before, and no one knows who's the responsable. Now, with no apparent reason, he's inside Spike's mind as a second personality... Maybe Spike is not really Spike? What if Spike is actually Matt? Maybe Spike's memories are only an elegant fake? Or maybe is Matt a fake residual memory?

Vanessa : NS Yoon Ji - The Reason I Became a Witch

Primo's double on the set. She always loved him but he never returned her love. Like every good psycho proud of his name, Vanessa tryed to blow up a mall pretending to be Primo, to get revenge.

Red Rose Org. : Iggy Pop - Search And Destroy

At first there were more members, recently only Leftleg, Rightarm and Heartbreak remained. They accept only missions involving the politic balance of the world, to keep the equilibrium among the global forces.

The Cosmic Nerds : Symphony X - Paradise Lost

A group of powerful beings that are playing a dumb game with mortals' fate, a game similar to D&D actually, that means... oh well forget it. The gaming group is composed by Spirit Dragon, Pete the Gryphon and Great Kitsune. But for their plans, Spike can be a serious danger, because the fact they don't know his true identity (he was external to Babylon during the transformation) transform Spike in a true X, this time for incognita. His past, his present and his future is like a bunch of white holes, so the Cosmic Nerds will have to deal with his actions and consequences... like every mortal creature. Quite a pain in the asD.

Fido and Horus (plus Spo) : Three Doors Down - Away From The Sun

Fido's a police dog of the K9 unit, always together with his little mouse friend Spo. On the roof of the big Beer's Mall, he shows to Spike and Primo his great power, a gun that symbolize the God of sun Horus, capable to infuse life into things. But Fido is not an avatar of some supernatural being... Horus is a little magic creature appeared suddenly inside Fido's body, that is the container of Horus. But why? Who is Horus, and why is living with Fido?

Dragon's Followers, Tarot and Sabrina : Bloc Party - Hunting For Witches

The Dragon's squad, right now composed by Tarot and Sabrina, act in defense of Babylon Gardens and to help the Dragon leader to win the Nerd's game. They share the magical power of the Dragon, that allow Tarot and Sabrina to watch into future and other magical stuff.

Soad and Broadway : System Of A Down - Innervision

Two brothers, two lynx, two beach bullies of the worst kind. They're the kings of the beach where Spike and Primo decided to pass 2012 summer vacation, the surfin' champions.

Winter : 30 Seconds To Mars - Hurricane

Cold like ice, the only thing Winter cares about is his objective. He doesn't care about casualties. He doesn't care about anything but his primary plan. And his primary plan is X, nothing more. What does this mean? Why Spike? What is his plan for the human/dog?

Gryphon's follower, Volant : Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows - The Hangman

A mysterious dog who decided to surrender himself to the gryphon known as Pete. He's very willing about his role in his master's plans. He represent the chess piece of the TOWER, with the power of the perfect guard and defense, by turning his fur into metal.

Travis : You And Me At Six - Jaws On The Floor

An old friend of the unlucky Steven/Spike, they first met when Steven was a dog already. Travis is the first one who nominated the dog "Spike", and in memory of his friend Spike decided to use the same name with Primo's family. He died misteriously for cheap reasons... or maybe there's something behind?


Karishad : FM Static - F.M.S.T.A.T.I.C.

A crazy fox who can do everything and go everywhere with no restriction of any kind. There's no way to obtain a serious behavior from Karishad, he's very able with puns and jokes, and the only way to obtain his help is to capture his interest by involving him directly. In other words, he MUST obtain an high fun reward from his actions.


Grape : Paramore - Misery Business

"Princess Periwinkle" for her not so friends, Grape decide to follow Spike in his trip through Hell and back. She's a Pridelands fan, which means she also is a fan of the actor Primo, Prideland's Supreme God of all Dogs.

Others... in future!